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Early Spring Photos: Indiana

Canadian Wild Ginger. Dragon of the plant world.
Mayapple shoots. Invasive Multiflora Rose in the top left.
Scarlet Elfcup, one of the most brilliantly colored mushrooms!

And now for an embarrassing story…the “corn flake mushroom,” as I called it in my head, turns out to be, after months of frustrating research (well, really just hours over the course of a couple months) the extremely common… Crowded Parchment Fungus, considered by to be “the most common, ubiquitous, ever-present, lost-all-luster fungus among us.” Why was it so hard for me to identify such a common mushroom? Well, compare the picture on the left (from my mushroom book) with the photo I took:

In the picture from my book the caps are fused creating what looks like a crust fungus. In my sample, the caps are distinct, corn-flaky. Mushroom hunters beware: fungi are Protean!

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